Monday, March 1, 2010

"Oops" I did it again.....

No....sorry to bring Britt into my love of wine-but when you see a label that has Oops on it, you just cant help but break into song!!

This wine was a gift from a friend of mine at work-he gave it to me in celebration of me running the Carlsbad half Marathon for Labrador Rescuers. It was to be my treat after the race-yeah, that was in January and I've waited until now to open this GEM!

What a pleasant easy glass of wine! I opened the bottle last night and had a glass and just poured another glass tonight-I think it's better tonight!!

Oops is made from the "lost grape of Bordeaux" which is found in Chile. It's 100% Carmenere and it's fantastic!! Carmenere is one of the six noble grapes of Bordeaux from the 18th Century. This grape can only be found in Chile now, or at least that's what the bottle says!!! But don't ask me where you can find this wine! He got it at a little wine store in Venice California-but I have never seen this wine anywhere!!! I want him to get me 2 more bottles!!

Now, as I've stated before, I couldn't tell you what the taste is: the bottle says "Spicy Splendor- with vivid red tones, aromas of red ripe fruit and chocolate." The Carmenere grape is somewhere between a Merlot and a Cabernet! I like it ALOT better than a Merlot! As a matter of fact-I think i'll pour myself another glass!

Very smooth......not a harsh taste at all....very nice and palatable....hmm, wish I had another bottle! Or maybe I should have shared this bottle with dog perhaps????

Here is the website:

Check it out!! Tasty Tasty Tasty!

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