Friday, December 26, 2008

LaFond 2002 Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills

I've had this bottle of 2002 Pinot for a few years. I drove back to Tennessee for the holidays and took quite a few bottle of wine back with me! I really enjoy bringing lovely bottles of wine back to share with my Mom and Dad! And this one was really lovely! Smooth! Wonderful. of course, I'm a bit of a Pinot fan...and you never know how a wine will be after letting it sit for a few years. But i was very happy with this one! I'm trying to get my Mom off the box of wine kick and she really enjoyed this bottle! I got her hooked on the Red Guitar so it's now my mission to bring back bottles and have lots of wine tastings!

Both my dad and mom really enjoyed this bottle! As did I! Of course it wasn't cheap. I can't get the price of this one-but their current Pinot's are about $42.00. A lovely wine!

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