Saturday, May 24, 2008

WOW! Been a long time but I've been drinking wine!

Wow it's may and i haven't posted since March! But don't fret-I've had wine during that time! I've just been SO busy with work that I haven't had the opportunity to post about some delicious wines! I've been working on a television show called Mad Men which airs on AMC-please check it out! Now onto wine.....since it's been so long, I've made a slideshow of some of the bottles I've enjoyed!!! One of which I had last night after work, well actually it was at 3:30am after work. It was an Acacia Pinot Noir, and it was quite tasty!!! Unfortunately, I didn't have a glass to drink out of, I had to slum it by serving it in a plastic cup-but it held it's own! It was very nice-went down very smoothly and didn't have a bite at all! I really enjoyed it and shared it with a few co-workers. All in all we were very pleased and happy with the taste. of course at 3:30am who wouldn't be happy with a nice glass of wine after a 15 hour work day! please check it out!!!

MacMurray 2006 Pinot Noir now this wine, which i had after the Country Music half marathon was wonderful! Smooth, easy to drink-I loved it! I bought it at a wine shop in Nashville, Tennessee and honestly can't remember the price. i think it was around $15-$20. Now that's a bit pricey for me, but I live in California and have such a wide selection of wines to choose from at a low price. But I really enjoyed this wine! It was well worth the money and was a delicious!

Orfila Vineyards 2005 Syrah. Now this is a San Diego vineyard. I stopped by one day on my way home from an AKC sheep herding Trial. I had driven past it numerous times but never stopped-this time I stopped. They have a huge tasting room that was packed! I didn't taste since my dog was in the car, but I bought a bottle of their 2005 Syrah. And took it home. I wasn't expecting alot, but i was pleasantly surprised! It was pretty good! I wouldn't have thought of this area as a wine producing region. But this syrah is pretty tasty! And I enjoyed the bottle. i do believe it cost $25.

El Miracle 2004 Tempranillo Shiraz
Now this wine have had a few times-it's very light and easy to drink and cheap! About $8 a bottle. So it's a nice wine to have when you want to open any bottle. I enjoyed it-it's not too heavy and easy to drink.

I had the Trinchero Family Pinot Noir quite awhile ago so my thoughts are kinda vague on how it was. It's a large collection of wines-sold under alot of different labels-some of the labels are considered cheap but drinkable. Some I've had, some I wouldn't drink again. This was a bottle I bought at Costco and it was drinkable.

Deloach 2006 Pinot Noir is not one of their signature Pinots. I do believe this is a layman's wine-not too expensive but of a good quality and taste! I've never been disappointed in Deloach wines-this wasn't their top of the line and I've tasted better Pinot's but it was very nice and drinkable and I'd have it again!


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