Monday, March 3, 2008

A Pinot Noir wine Flight for $10

Morry's of Naples, which is just south of Belmont Shore in Southern California, has a great little place called The Backroom. And on tuesdays, they have their wine flight night for $10. You get 3 glasses of wine for $10~what a great deal! I decided this would be a great way to taste rather expensive wines for cheap! The three wines I tasted were Laurier Pinot Noir (carneros) 2006, Departure Pinot Noir (Santa Barbara) 2006 and the Renteria Pinot Noir (Russian River) 2005. All of the wines i paired with an awesome cheese plate!!

Laurier Pinot Noir
: This was a nice Pinot, a smooth taste with a hint of blackberries. This was a nice wine-not sure of the price-sorry!

Departure Pinot Noir: This was my favorite-and what an amazing red color it had because it's an unfiltered Pinot! It was light and fruity and delicious! I'd love to go buy a bottle of this, but at $39.99, it wont be happening while I'm not working!!

Renteria Pinot Noir: This was a lovely Pinot, only 307 cases were produced-so I felt very fortunate to get the chance to taste it! It was filtered and had a wonderful blackberry smell and taste. i really enjoyed this Pinot as well and at $34.99-I'll be waiting before I buy this one as well.

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Willie said...

I love Pinot, in fact I've got one in my hand right now. It's a Red Bicycle from Provence. Sounds like you had a good night and some good wine and food. $10 for good wine and cheese is a bargain!