Sunday, February 24, 2008

Summerland 2006 Pinot Noir

Summerland Winery has two different collections, the Central Valley Collection, which this Pinot belongs, and the Single Vineyard Collection. Summerland has access to numerous wine areas. This 2006 Pinot, at $22 a bottle, has quite a black cherry taste and very smooth! Yet again it's another Pinot that impressed! I'm just a fan of Pinot's right now. I could probably drink Pinot's every night! I would say that this wine would go with just about any dish you wanted to eat-or drink it by itself and enjoy it's smooth quality!

Summerland Winery Boutique
2330 Lillie Ave. Summerland, CA 93067
Phone 805-565-WINE (9463) Fax 805-695-0300

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