Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fat Cat 2006 Pinot Noir and Red Guitar 2006 Navarra Old Vine Tempranillo

I decided to combine the two bottles I've had over the period of this week. No they weren't both consumed in one day! I'll start with the Fat Cat Pinot. Now I'll be honest with you-I buy this because I have 3 cats-they all used to be fat, now only one is fluffy and slightly chubby! So i have a personal attachment to this wine, and seriously, what a cute label! A fat cat with glasses! It sells for about $8.99. I bought it at our local Henry's which is similar to a Whole Foods or Wild Oats. They were having their 20% off wine sale! Woo Hoo! It's not a bad Pinot-I'm into Pinot's right now! Very drinkable with a nice berry taste and smell...I paired it with a spinach salad and tomato soup last night and it was quite nice. Yeah Pinot's are my favorite right now. So easy to drink!!

The Red Guitar is one of my favorite Spanish Wines. I always seem to gravitate towards it. You can buy it at Bevmo for around $9/bottle. Nice price for a very nice wine. I took my mom out to dinner in Nashville, Tennessee last year and this wine was one of the selections and she loved it! It's 55% Tempranillo and 45% Gamacha-Spanish. Other than that I'm not too proficient on these grapes~other than I seem to really like the wines. It's a great everyday wine! Nice to have around the house for everyday or for visitors. And for the price you can't beat it! I can't remember what food I paired it with-it would have been fish of some sort and vegies. You know I think it fits in nicely with food or by itself! It's a nice tasting sturdy wine! Try it!!!

You have to admit~both of these labels are rather nice!!! Very Colorful! they stand out!

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