Sunday, February 24, 2008

Summerland 2006 Pinot Noir

Summerland Winery has two different collections, the Central Valley Collection, which this Pinot belongs, and the Single Vineyard Collection. Summerland has access to numerous wine areas. This 2006 Pinot, at $22 a bottle, has quite a black cherry taste and very smooth! Yet again it's another Pinot that impressed! I'm just a fan of Pinot's right now. I could probably drink Pinot's every night! I would say that this wine would go with just about any dish you wanted to eat-or drink it by itself and enjoy it's smooth quality!

Summerland Winery Boutique
2330 Lillie Ave. Summerland, CA 93067
Phone 805-565-WINE (9463) Fax 805-695-0300

Tres Hermanas 2004 Syrah

A delicious $24 Syrah from a family owned Winery in Santa Barbara County. It was wonderful! A very nice glass of wine even a day after the bottle had been opened-actually it really allowed the wine to take on an entirely different characteristic! I do believe the only way to get this wine is to either go to the winery or join their wine club!

A nice taste of Berries and very smooth-it was a lovely bottle of wine! I wish I had another!! I drank this with a bean and cheese burrito and a spinach salad. It goes with anything!!!

9660 Foxen Canyon Road
Santa Maria
Between Zaca Mesa and Foxen Wineries
Tel: 805 937-8451
Fax: 805-937-8471

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fat Cat 2006 Pinot Noir and Red Guitar 2006 Navarra Old Vine Tempranillo

I decided to combine the two bottles I've had over the period of this week. No they weren't both consumed in one day! I'll start with the Fat Cat Pinot. Now I'll be honest with you-I buy this because I have 3 cats-they all used to be fat, now only one is fluffy and slightly chubby! So i have a personal attachment to this wine, and seriously, what a cute label! A fat cat with glasses! It sells for about $8.99. I bought it at our local Henry's which is similar to a Whole Foods or Wild Oats. They were having their 20% off wine sale! Woo Hoo! It's not a bad Pinot-I'm into Pinot's right now! Very drinkable with a nice berry taste and smell...I paired it with a spinach salad and tomato soup last night and it was quite nice. Yeah Pinot's are my favorite right now. So easy to drink!!

The Red Guitar is one of my favorite Spanish Wines. I always seem to gravitate towards it. You can buy it at Bevmo for around $9/bottle. Nice price for a very nice wine. I took my mom out to dinner in Nashville, Tennessee last year and this wine was one of the selections and she loved it! It's 55% Tempranillo and 45% Gamacha-Spanish. Other than that I'm not too proficient on these grapes~other than I seem to really like the wines. It's a great everyday wine! Nice to have around the house for everyday or for visitors. And for the price you can't beat it! I can't remember what food I paired it with-it would have been fish of some sort and vegies. You know I think it fits in nicely with food or by itself! It's a nice tasting sturdy wine! Try it!!!

You have to admit~both of these labels are rather nice!!! Very Colorful! they stand out!

Wine Bottle Plant Nannies

Ok...I'm going off on a bit of a tangent because I think these are COOL! Especially considering I drink wine and have plants that I constantly forget to water!!! I may have to order these! Check out the Wine Bottle Plant nanny-of course I want to know what brain thought of this idea!!! Check it out...and if you happen to buy some before I do-please let me know how they work. What a great idea for those forgotten, empty, already drunk wine bottles...they no longer need to feel unwanted!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Greg Norman 2005 Cabernet Savignon

Greg Norman 2005 Cab is actually a California wine-yeah surprise surprise. I've had it a few times-usually I've been out eating dinner or just having drinks. Last night I went out and had 2 glasses of the Cab at $8 a glass (ok it was happy hour so they were only $6 a glass woo hoo!!). The Greg Norman is a nice wine. I smelled a bit of mint and blueberries, didn't taste the mint just smelled it. Unfortunately I didn't pair this with any food-since the bar didn't serve food. It's a nice full bodied wine that was pretty easy to drink. I'm beginning to think I'm just not in a Cabernet mood right now. Because I have had this wine before and really liked it, but last night I was just ok. On a plus side-it was nice getting out of the house and having a glass of wine in a social setting and at happy hour prices. hell going to happy hour is kinda fun!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Barking Sheep 2006 Malbec Bonarda

The Dog-who on occasion barks-usually at sheep
A close-up of the SHEEP!

First of all let me preface this by saying I love buying wines for the label! The prettier the label the more it catches my eye. I'm sure I'm not the only one who notices wine this way! So when I was in Target one day (yes Target in California-don't know what other states allow Target to carry wine) I stumbled upon this wine that was screaming BUY ME so I did. Let me tell you why. I own an Australian Cattle Dog, a herding dog. And I take her sheep herding(it's easier to find sheep to herd than cattle here in LA). So when i saw this bottle that said Barking Sheep I thought to myself-how perfect for my house!!! At $8.99 it wasn't expensive and what an appropriate off I went with my bottle of Barking Sheep Malbec.

Now as you figured the Malbec is a wine from Argentina. This one is 50% Malbec and 50% Bonarda. I didn't know and still don't know what the Bonarda grape is....but you know what it was pretty darn good. A nice fruity taste that went down easily and nicely. I baked a piece of Herb encrusted Cod and made a spinach salad and sat down to eat dinner with this wine. Very Nice. Mind you i think this wine would go well with just about anything-sometimes i drink my wine with potato chips-I know what kind of wine connoisseur am I? Ha the normal no pretentious kind.....

I enjoyed this wine. It was best the day I opened the bottle-didn't really hold very well the next day. But I drank it can one waste a Barking Sheep!!! I've never seen a Barking Sheep!!