Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stevenot 2005 Danza Roja California

This wine is from the oldest winery in Murphy~up in the Sierra Nevadas. It's estate grown and this particular wine was a blend of numerous grapes-I looked at the back of the bottle but forgot to write what it was composed of~bad me!

We drank this right after the Pinot so it was completely different! It wasn't as smooth as the Pinot-but it shouldn't be since it's not a Pinot! It was a very nice bold wine! Very full bodied~it was a much stronger wine in terms of berries.

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Laura Pursell Byrnes said...

I agree...this wine is really full-bodied. David and I joined their "wine club" so we get all sorts of delicious wines from this winery. I'll check the back of that label and get back to you!!