Monday, January 7, 2008

Robert Hall 2005 Merlot Paso Robles

Robert Hall is one of my favorite vineyards in Paso Robles-and of course Paso is one of my favorite regions. I purchased this bottle in September 2007 for $18.00-it was a mad dash wine taste during the labor day weekend and at the tail end of their wine tasting day. the way I tasted it-you know I must not have the nose that all these wine tasters have because there are just some berries I cant distinguish when I drink. It is a silky wine-I tasted the blackberries but no way could I taste the raspberries-and I LOVE raspberries! Maybe that's the problem. I felt there was a slight hint of tobacco-it's a taste I wouldn't have been able to distinguish without reading what was said about the wine~because there is a slight after taste....a lingering taste-and you know what I could see where that would be a slight tobacco taste. I'm not completely enthralled with this wine-maybe I'm not in the mood for a merlot! Just not the taste for me right now. And I normally like Robert Hall wines-oh you know what I just swirled the wine in my mouth-tasted quite a few berries in that one and the lingering after taste didn't linger as long-but come on people...that's not how I drink wine.

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