Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grey Wolf Cellars Soulmate 2005 Paso Robles Red Wine

Yummy-ok maybe I just love red wine. I guess the wines I have at my house I do like alot because I'm a member of their wine clubs....I'll have to start going out and drinking wine elsewhere( of course it will help once the WGA strike ends and I get back to work!)

This Grey Wolf is delicious and immediately drinkable. It's a very easy drink-not harsh at all. I tasted the berries as it smoothly went down my throat......I smell berries and a slight oak smell-it's a nice smell! I paired it with a herb crusted baked piece of cod and steamed veggies and the entire meal with the wine was very tasty!! Of course I pair just about any meal with wine-what does that say about me???? I love wine and I love cooking!

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