Thursday, January 3, 2008

Carhartt 2006 Zinfandel Lockshaw Vineyard Paso Robles Westside

Carhartt Vineyards is a very small vineyard in Solvang, California. The owners, Mike and Brooke Carhartt, have a 10 acre vineyard that has been in their family for years.

Carhartt Vineyards produces a few estate wines from their 10 acre vineyard but also has small-lot wines from different vineyards that are farmed similar to the Carhartt Vineyards. This 2006 Zinfandel is from a small-lot vineyard in Paso Robles.

I opened this bottle last night and allowed it to breathe, in the bottle, just a bit. I'm learning that if I start drinking it as soon as I open it I miss it's true taste! So breathing is done with every bottle now!

I really enjoyed this wine. My first glass was a bit startling-I think I needed to let it breathe just a bit longer but once it was in my glass I really enjoyed it. It's quite a powerful Zin-and yes it is does have a spicy finish. We were trying to figure out last nite what to call the finish-I guess the winemakers know best! I was cooking a scallop stir fry and drinking this wine-The wine was definitely more powerful than the food! I enjoy a deep strong powerful Zinfandel-and this is one. But there aren't many of these since it is a small lot! I thought it was pretty yummy-and yes the bottle was finished!

Please check out the Vineyard online at
or go visit them in Los Olivos, California. Carhartt Vineyards has the smallest tasting room in the state-yes it is tiny tiny tiny very quaint and unlike any other Tasting Rooms in Los Olivos , Mike Carhartt ,the owner, will actually serve you his wines! How awesome is that!I loved it!

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