Monday, March 1, 2010

"Oops" I did it again.....

No....sorry to bring Britt into my love of wine-but when you see a label that has Oops on it, you just cant help but break into song!!

This wine was a gift from a friend of mine at work-he gave it to me in celebration of me running the Carlsbad half Marathon for Labrador Rescuers. It was to be my treat after the race-yeah, that was in January and I've waited until now to open this GEM!

What a pleasant easy glass of wine! I opened the bottle last night and had a glass and just poured another glass tonight-I think it's better tonight!!

Oops is made from the "lost grape of Bordeaux" which is found in Chile. It's 100% Carmenere and it's fantastic!! Carmenere is one of the six noble grapes of Bordeaux from the 18th Century. This grape can only be found in Chile now, or at least that's what the bottle says!!! But don't ask me where you can find this wine! He got it at a little wine store in Venice California-but I have never seen this wine anywhere!!! I want him to get me 2 more bottles!!

Now, as I've stated before, I couldn't tell you what the taste is: the bottle says "Spicy Splendor- with vivid red tones, aromas of red ripe fruit and chocolate." The Carmenere grape is somewhere between a Merlot and a Cabernet! I like it ALOT better than a Merlot! As a matter of fact-I think i'll pour myself another glass!

Very smooth......not a harsh taste at all....very nice and palatable....hmm, wish I had another bottle! Or maybe I should have shared this bottle with dog perhaps????

Here is the website:

Check it out!! Tasty Tasty Tasty!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Grey Wolf Cellars 2006 Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon

I am a Wolf Pack member of Grey Wolf Cellars, a small family run and owned winery in Paso Robles, California. I stumbled upon this winery years ago and loved the ambience, smallness and the fact that they love animals! There is nothing better than getting wine in the mail! And I have loved every bottle I've received and have opened! I have some still stashed!

I opened their 2006 Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon recently and was very pleasantly surprised! I've truly been in a Pinot Noir mode lately and it's been a long time since I've had a Cab-but I really enjoyed this one! It was super easy to drink-not super heavy, at least for me. Here is the description of the wine from Grey Wolf:

Our Wines - Tasting Notes

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon - "Alpha"

In the wolf family, the dominant male and female wield the prestige of “Alpha”. This superior distinction was given to our Cabernet Sauvignon by Grey Wolf’s only two winemakers, our “Alphas.” The 2006 Alpha Cab is most definitely the leader of the pack. Aged over 28 months in barrel, this wine explodes out of the gate with the essence of mint and eucalyptus followed by a cherry filled mouth. Deep cocoa and vanillin mid palate extend through to a firm tannin finish. Great aging wine, but watch out, this dog may bite.

Technical Notes

Harvest Date: October 15th through Nov. 15th
Brix: 24-25.7
Ph: 3.7
Varietal: 85% Cabernet Sauvignon 5% Petite Verdot 5% Merlot 5% Malbec

Barrel Program: French, Hungarian And American
70% New 30% Neutral
28 Months
Bottling Date:
Alcohol: 14.5%

I don't profess to be the perfect judge of wine but I do enjoy a nice glass and I know what I like and what I don't like.I enjoyed this bottle! I wish I had another one! Might have to order one!If youa re interested in joining their wine club here is the link you need: Wolf Pack Wine Club

Monday, June 8, 2009

Off the Vine for a Wine Tasting

Yes I've still been drinking wine-I've just been a slacker with my blog!! So here goes! Since I've been on a mini vacation from my TV show, GLEE, I was able to actual go wine tasting!!! How exciting! I decided to stay local since I was running in a 5K the next morning. So I went to Off the Vine in San Pedro for their Chilean and Argentinian wines. I paid my $12, got my glass and we started with the whites. Now, I don't really like white wine at all. But I'll stomach a taste of it. I just wanted to get to the reds! I tasted about 8 different wines, my favorite being the 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2005 Malbec from a winery called Barricas in Argentina. I ended up buying a bottle of each! And they were very reasonably priced for being in a "wine store". I've been drinking the Malbec-I find Malbecs very easy to drink and a good everyday wine! This one is no exception, and at roughly $8 a bottle-not to shabby a price! I really enjoy wine tasting. There are SO many places to go wine tasting all over the country. If you haven't checked out this website, Local Wine Events, look at it and sign up for their weekly newsletter-you'll find wine tastings wherever you live.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Arrington Vineyards Arrington, Tennessee

Arrington Vineyards. The closest vineyard to Nashville, Tennessee. I decided since I was in nashville visiting my parents, that I'd take them for a wine tasting at the local winery! And since it was only about 30 minutes away-it was an easy drive and a very nice afternoon outing!

We had a wonderful time! My mom loved it and was very enamored with the property and the lovely ladies who were working that day! The tasting is free-you get 4 tastes of quite a large selection of whites, rose's, red and dessert wines. I chose the reds( Merlot,Cabernet, Syrah and then the KB Cabernet) my mom chose the Chardonnay and the Rose and then jumped to two reds and my designated driver, dad, tasted the Syrah and the KB Cabernet.

I was very impressed and we had a lovely time! I bought a bottle of the Merlot and the KB Cabernet.

It was a very pleasant surprise to find a lovely winery in Tennessee!!! Worth a visit!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

LaFond 2002 Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills

I've had this bottle of 2002 Pinot for a few years. I drove back to Tennessee for the holidays and took quite a few bottle of wine back with me! I really enjoy bringing lovely bottles of wine back to share with my Mom and Dad! And this one was really lovely! Smooth! Wonderful. of course, I'm a bit of a Pinot fan...and you never know how a wine will be after letting it sit for a few years. But i was very happy with this one! I'm trying to get my Mom off the box of wine kick and she really enjoyed this bottle! I got her hooked on the Red Guitar so it's now my mission to bring back bottles and have lots of wine tastings!

Both my dad and mom really enjoyed this bottle! As did I! Of course it wasn't cheap. I can't get the price of this one-but their current Pinot's are about $42.00. A lovely wine!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

WOW! Been a long time but I've been drinking wine!

Wow it's may and i haven't posted since March! But don't fret-I've had wine during that time! I've just been SO busy with work that I haven't had the opportunity to post about some delicious wines! I've been working on a television show called Mad Men which airs on AMC-please check it out! Now onto wine.....since it's been so long, I've made a slideshow of some of the bottles I've enjoyed!!! One of which I had last night after work, well actually it was at 3:30am after work. It was an Acacia Pinot Noir, and it was quite tasty!!! Unfortunately, I didn't have a glass to drink out of, I had to slum it by serving it in a plastic cup-but it held it's own! It was very nice-went down very smoothly and didn't have a bite at all! I really enjoyed it and shared it with a few co-workers. All in all we were very pleased and happy with the taste. of course at 3:30am who wouldn't be happy with a nice glass of wine after a 15 hour work day! please check it out!!!

MacMurray 2006 Pinot Noir now this wine, which i had after the Country Music half marathon was wonderful! Smooth, easy to drink-I loved it! I bought it at a wine shop in Nashville, Tennessee and honestly can't remember the price. i think it was around $15-$20. Now that's a bit pricey for me, but I live in California and have such a wide selection of wines to choose from at a low price. But I really enjoyed this wine! It was well worth the money and was a delicious!

Orfila Vineyards 2005 Syrah. Now this is a San Diego vineyard. I stopped by one day on my way home from an AKC sheep herding Trial. I had driven past it numerous times but never stopped-this time I stopped. They have a huge tasting room that was packed! I didn't taste since my dog was in the car, but I bought a bottle of their 2005 Syrah. And took it home. I wasn't expecting alot, but i was pleasantly surprised! It was pretty good! I wouldn't have thought of this area as a wine producing region. But this syrah is pretty tasty! And I enjoyed the bottle. i do believe it cost $25.

El Miracle 2004 Tempranillo Shiraz
Now this wine have had a few times-it's very light and easy to drink and cheap! About $8 a bottle. So it's a nice wine to have when you want to open any bottle. I enjoyed it-it's not too heavy and easy to drink.

I had the Trinchero Family Pinot Noir quite awhile ago so my thoughts are kinda vague on how it was. It's a large collection of wines-sold under alot of different labels-some of the labels are considered cheap but drinkable. Some I've had, some I wouldn't drink again. This was a bottle I bought at Costco and it was drinkable.

Deloach 2006 Pinot Noir is not one of their signature Pinots. I do believe this is a layman's wine-not too expensive but of a good quality and taste! I've never been disappointed in Deloach wines-this wasn't their top of the line and I've tasted better Pinot's but it was very nice and drinkable and I'd have it again!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Red Truck 2005 California Red Wine

For about $8.00 you can have a really nice California table wine that you can drink anytime! And that will go with just about anything! Very smooth and easy to drink. A great bottle to keep for a glass of wine after work or whatever! great price for a decent wine. I've bought this wine quite a bit-and obviusly I keep coming back for more because it's a good deal!